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About us

The BabyBelly Nutrition Team: Birgit & Mia Reinshagen

BabyBelly Nutrition: Democratizing Science

We believe in science. We believe knowledge must inform decisions.

Only few people know that the first 1000 days of life – and more specifically the 270 days of pregnancy – represent an extraordinary opportunity to shape the health of a human being for a lifetime. Scientists call this “Nutritional Programming”.

BabyBelly Nutrition is an independent blog taking this cutting-edge science out of the lab and translating it into practical nutrition advice for moms and moms-to-be.

We are empowering women to use food as medicine and get their nutrition right before and during pregnancy – when it matters most.

Have a question? Ask a nutrition expert!

A mother-daughter project

The content of this website was put together by a senior nutritionist and communication expert, Birgit Reinshagen, active in the area of maternal and early childhood nutrition for more than 30 years.

Birgit has a flair for communicating complex scientific issues into clear actionable advice. She holds a Master in Nutrition and has worked as Communication Strategist in various Agencies and the Food Industry during her entire professional career.

Her daughter, Mia Reinshagen, a talented young communication designer for digital & social media developed the graphical design for BabyBelly Nutrition and its social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

Birgit Reinshagen is a senior nutritionist and communication expert

Birgit Reinshagen

Birth in Kassel, Germany
After finishing her Master Studies in Nutritional Sciences and Public Relations, Birgit starts working as Advisor in the Food Industry and International Communication Companies.
Birth of her daughter Mia

Creation of BabyBelly Nutrition

Mia Reinshagen designs digital and social media with great passion

Mia Reinshagen

Birth in Lausanne, Switzerland

Matura, graduating from high school.
Mia starts studying digital and social media design at CREA-INSEEC, Geneva.

First overseas Internship in New York City, USA

Bachelor in Art Direction, with specialization in digital & social media.

Creation of BabyBelly Nutrition.

Our values & beliefs are anchored in three pillars

Our values are based on three pillars: Education, Health and Nutrition


We believe that every woman should have access to education.

Our values are based on three pillars: Education, Health and Nutrition


We believe that early nutrition determines life-long health.
Our values are based on three pillars: Education, Health and Nutrition


We believe that health
is the key to happiness.

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