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Being a healthy weight is helpful if you are planning to have a baby
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Dads-to-be lifestyle changes boosting fertility

Male fertility and sperm count can be increased by making some simple lifestyle changes. Such lifestyle changes include adopting a regular exercise regimen and sleep schedule, losing excess weight, as well as avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs.

Necessary lifestyle changes

1. Reduce your body weight

Overweight and obese men are more likely to have a lower sperm count than men who maintain a healthy body weight. New studies indicate that losing weight may have a positive effect on a man’s sperm quality.

2. Reduce alcohol consumption

Additional research shows that dads who are heavy drinkers risk damaging their sperm. So cutting back on alcohol is also a good idea if you want to boost your fertility. You need a healthy body to make a healthy baby!

3. Stop taking recreational drugs

Some recreational drugs are known to damage sperm quality and reduce male fertility. You should avoid taking these types of drugs if you’re trying for a baby. These include: cannabis, cocaine and anabolic steroids.

4. Avoid muscle-building sports supplements

Sports supplements are widely available over-the-counter and online. They may contain high amounts of protein and undeclared substances including anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids have been shown to reduce men’s fertility by impairing testicular function. Men who aspire to be dads should immediately stop taking this type of sports supplements.

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