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Pregnant women should follow simple food safety rules to avoid illness
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Food safety during pregnancy: Keep it cold, hot and clean!

Foodborne illnesses can be worse during pregnancy and may lead to miscarriage or premature delivery. This is why pregnant women should follow three simple food safety rules.

1. Keep it cold

Just as it is important to keep hot foods hot, it is equally important to keep cold foods cold. Don’t eat chilled food if it’s been left out for more than 2 hours. Keep in mind that the presence of harmful bacteria may not be evident solely through visual or olfactory cues.

2. Keep it hot

Cooking food to the right temperature kills harmful bacteria. Use a food thermometer to check meat, egg, and microwaved dishes on your menu. Keep hot foods at 60°C or warmer and make sure there’s no pink left in cooked meat and fish.

3. Keep it clean

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before starting to prepare or eat any food, even a snack. Also, wash your hands with soap after touching pets. Use separate cutting boards and knives for raw and cooked food.

Food safety rules in pregnancy protect against food poisoning

Easy to remember: Keep it cold, keep it hot and keep it clean! 

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