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Eating allergenic foods during pregnancy protects baby from food allergies
Prevention of allergies

How to prevent food allergies in babies right from the start

Food allergy is the reaction of the immune system of the body that occurs after consuming specific foods.

Fifteen to 20 years ago, healthcare providers often recommended that women avoid eating allergy-provoking foods while pregnant or breastfeeding and that new moms delay the introduction of these foods. In fact, some recent scientific studies have shown that the reverse is true.

No need to avoid allergy-provoking foods during pregnancy

In the past, pregnant women were told to avoid allergy-provoking foods like tree nuts, peanuts, soy, fish, shellfish, milk and eggs, to prevent their babies from developing allergies to these foods later on.

Now, moms-to-be are generally advised to eat a variety of foods while they are pregnant. That means pregnant women don’t need to avoid peanut, milk, or other food allergens. Eating allergenic foods during pregnancy may, in fact, protect your child from developing food allergies later in life. In other words: Your baby is less likely to be allergic to foods that you consumed while pregnant and breastfeeding!

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