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Yoga during pregnancy has numerous benefits for you and your baby
My Pregnancy Weight Gain

Stay active and keep exercising during pregnancy

Contrary to the misconception that pregnant women should rest and avoid exercise, the opposite holds true: Continuing to exercise during pregnancy is beneficial! So move more and sit less!

Pregnancy yoga

Engaging in moderate physical activities, such as yoga, can offer numerous advantages for both you and your baby. Engaging in prenatal yoga is a holistic and beneficial choice for expectant moms. Pregnancy yoga enhances flexibility, strength, and balance, tailored to the unique needs of pregnancy. The practice also promotes relaxation and stress reduction through mindfulness and controlled breathing, offering valuable tools to navigate the emotional challenges of pregnancy.

Other recommended sports during pregnancy are swimming, walking, running and Pilates. Simply avoid exercises where you might fall or injure your abdominal area. So horseback riding, kickboxing, and skiing are out for a little while.

5 great reasons for staying active during pregnancy

  1. Helps keep your pregnancy weight gain in check
  2. Can improve your mood!
  3. May help you have a shorter labor
  4. Might make the birth easier thanks to stronger muscles and greater cardiovascular fitness
  5. Can help improve your health and fitness level.

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