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TTC tips to get pregnant fast
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Trying to conceive tips – TTC

How to get pregnant fast?

There are some steps you can take that help give you the best chance of conceiving, but keep in mind: The amount of time it takes to get pregnant differs from person to person.

Some people conceive quickly, while others can try for years with little success. While there’s no magic formula, our 6 trying to conceive tips—or TTC tips for short—might guide you on how to conceive.

1. Stop hormonal birth control

Contraception aims to prevent pregnancy. Some forms, for example using condoms, a diaphragm, a copper coil, or natural family planning don’t affect fertility levels. But if you’re using a hormonal contraceptive like the pill, it can take a few months for your natural menstrual cycle to get back to normal after stopping.

2. Monitor your menstrual cycle

It can be helpful getting to know the patterns of your menstrual cycle. You’re most fertile within a day or so either side of ovulating. This could happen, for example, on day 14 of an average 28-day cycle. So having an idea of when you are likely to ovulate could help improve your chances of conceiving more quickly.

3. Get to a healthy weight 

Your weight can affect your ability to conceive. So aim for a healthy weight suitable for pregnancy, neither underweight nor overweight. Calculate your Body-Mass-Index (BMI), and if necessary, make changes to your diet and levels of activity so that your body is in the best condition for conception and beyond. Men, too, should know that having a high BMI can affect the quality and quantity of their sperm.

4. Keep fit for pregnancy

Being active can boost fertility, as well as get your body into good shape for pregnancy and labor. If you already exercise regularly, keep it up! If not, get fit for pregnancy by alternating among moderate activities such as swimming, power walking, dancing, Pilates or yoga.

5. Eat a healthy TTC diet

Did you know that what you eat can have an impact on your chances of getting pregnant? In fact, a nutritious TTC diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and legumes, high in fiber and packed with micronutrients and antioxidants is likely to boost both female and male fertility.

6. Refrain from drugs incl. alcohol and smoking

Drugs can have a negative effect on fertility, as well as causing problems during pregnancy. So if you or your partner are taking them, you should stop now—or, in the case of prescribed medications, speak to your HCP.

The same applies to smoking: you and your partner should quit. Alcohol consumption is also linked to decreased fertility in both men and women, in addition to problems in pregnancy. And if you’re a caffeine addict, restrict it to no more than 200mg per day (equivalent to 2 cups of coffee, 4 cups of tea, or 5 cans of coca cola), as excess caffeine has been associated with infertility.

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