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Give your baby a lifelong health advantage

BabyBelly Nutrition’s objective is to increase your chances of getting pregnant and give your baby the best nutritional start.

Latest science translated into practical nutrition advice by a senior nutritionist.

Nutrition & Fertility

Your lifestyle and diet before pregnancy can influence the health of your future baby – and boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Nutrition & Pregnancy

What you eat during pregnancy can influence your baby’s health for life. Set your baby on the right path during pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy Week by Week

Our Pregnancy Calendar will accompany you week by week on your journey with simple but crucial nutrition advice.

About us

Birgit Reinshagen

I am passionate about Nutrition and believe that every woman should have the possibility to shape her baby’s future health by leveraging latest science. I see my role in translating this science into tangible nutrition advice for YOU.

Mia Reinshagen

Even without much experience in developing websites, I immediately liked my mom’s suggestion to create something meaningful together. We had so much fun when developing this website for YOU!

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